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Disrupt the Banking System

Rya is a brand new crypto designed to be a stable medium of exchange and a fair store of value. Rya will be launching soon as a ready-to-go currency. Here are it's key features:

Breaking Debt Monopoly

A peer-to-peer lending system and protocol that makes financial institutions redundant

Elastic StableCoin

Money supply which is neither determined by governments nor tethers to FIAT

Dignity Preserving

Improving credit, debt and the credit score


Why Rya?

A world without banks

Distrupting loans

Using the Rya wallet

A technical explanation

A better type of money

Cryptographic medium of exchange

Purpose & Design

  • How does FIAT money supply work?

    Quantity of money is determined as a fixed multiple of the quantity of bank reserves. This number is determined by a monopolistic central bank.

  • What about Bitcoin supply?

    Bitcoin has a capped money supply of 21 million coins. This deflationary trend prevents bitcoin from being an ideal medium of exchange.

  • Rya has an inner stabling mechanism

    A money supply that is adjusted by tethering system-wide credit to money creation ensure that the amount of money in circulation will be appropriate for the state of the economy.

  • What's next?

    Join the Rya community to get involved and learn more.

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